Lavender bag hand made with naturally dyed silk noil and antique linen bobbin lace.

The silk noil has been naturally dyed using sumak leaves.

Has a little linen tie at the top but is also stitched closed to prevent the lavender from leaking.

A lovely fat little lavender bag.


Measures 16cm x 8cm.

Filled with a lavender/rice mix.


Aside from smelling beautiful, lavender has many uses. I'm sure you can think of more but these are my favourites:

  • Put between your linen layers or in your underwear drawer it will make your things smell lovely.
  • Put on your pillowcase before bed to aid sleep.
  • Use to keep moths away from your woollens.


There are two of these pouches and they are very similar. You may not receive the exact pouch shown in the pictures.


(This is not designed to be heated.)

Lavender bag


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